RIM announces Blackberry Bold release date, prices leaked

In Cell Phones on May 16, 2008 at 11:46 am

UPDATE ON SEP 8: There is a pretty strong rumor going around at Engadget and The Boy Genius Report that the Bold will be coming out on October 2 for AT&T, no word on any other carriers. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, remember the summer release date? Yeah, it got thrown in the garbage can, but it is an ounce of light on a still lingering hope that the Bold will at least come out this year. Story from Engadget, link to the Boy Genius Report is in the post.

UPDATE ON AUG 23: It’s also official that Rogers, the major Canadian carrier, will be offering the Blackberry Bold for CA $399 as well as a voice plus data plan for CA $49 a month. Story from Engadget.

UPDATE ON AUG 14: It’s official, the Blackberry Bold release date has been delayed. It’s already August and no Bold. Research in Motion (RIM) has stated that due to bad battery life, software issues, and overheating, the Bold has been delayed. There is no word from anyone when the new dates are going to be. Report from Engadget & The Boy Genius Report.

NOTICE: All updates for the Blackberry Bold will be posted through as of July 5, 2008. To get to the post, click on the link above, then either click on “Blog” on the banner at the top of the page or scroll down to the bottom and click on the banner that says “AddictedBlogging”, then either find the post there or click on “Archive” at the bottom and find the post there, thank you.

UPDATE ON JUN 12: Engadget has reported that the Blackberry Bold now has it’s own promotional page on AT&T, the AT&T page is here and the Engadget page is here.

ORIGINAL ON MAY 16: As you can tell I am very fond of Engadget. That is why I found this article. RIM has announced the release dates for their new, hot, Blackberry Bold as well as a leak for the prices. Keep in mind that prices are just estimates (Thanks Forrest). Here they are:

AT&T – July ($300)

Verizon Wireless – September ($300)

Sprint – September ($300)

T-Mobile – September ($350)

I know that we’re all waiting on the exact release dates and pricing, but for now you can just drool over some more Blackberry Bold pictures at the gallery below.

  1. This is great, and the pricing is right.

    I have an iPhone and I’m so sick and tired of Apple’s apathy for its customer’s needs. It’s a fancy, featureless phone.

    RIM seems to understand what functional phones are all about.

  2. Wonderful news!! I will be getting one in July!!! I am also an iPhone owner and i’m tired of this phone…so much hype and that pretty much is all there is to the phone…HYPE!

    I have my email updates set for “every 15 minutes” and sometimes hours go by and i don’t get my email alerts until i reset the phone or just simply check my mail….APPLE THAT SUCKS!!!!

    Go RIM!!

  3. You forgot to mention that these figures were “estimates” …. expect something a little more expensive. GRIN.

  4. Ok so I hate my iPhone so much…do u guys think this would be a better alternative?

  5. ilove it…. just in time 4 my birthday. TAKE THAT YOU I-PHONE LOSERS….. LOL JUS KIDDIN 😉

  6. Hurry UP RIM, i am due for renewal and want to be BOLD!!!!

  7. I heard the battery life on the bold is horible. does anyone else heard that?



  9. loren,

    I have no idea on the exact release date, we’re all inpatient with this, lol, I will update the post as soon as I can get conformation on the exact release dates and prices.

  10. I too am an iPhone user and have been bitterly disappointed with it since the very beginning. Massive software problems have made it nothing but a let down, and due to this and not being able to use it I’m looking at what phone to buy next. Have found it in the form of Blackberry Bold, think i might buy a cheapy to tie me over until this beauty comes out… predicting the wait will be worth it instead of splurging on another piece of junk (ie the viewty) just for the sake of it. Can’t wait, i want one now!

  11. Does anyone know if the Blackberry Bold will be a dual-nam capable phone (can be configured with 2 separate phone numbers)?

  12. Does anyone know if it will be available without a camera???

  13. YAY Ke Clem… Just in time for my birthday too!!! Haha non Virgos!!!

  14. So, I have the blackberry curve and totally looooove it! No complaints…but I will chuck this one as soon as its released! I’m an at&t customer…and we usually get the good stuff first! So, HAAHAAA! Lol! Can’t wait!

  15. iPhone 3G is better.

    About the only thing this phone has that iPhone 3G doesn’t is the capability to shoot video.

    Well, I have a very nice and expensive digital cam corder so why do I need a phone to shoot video?

    And the screen size on the iPhone makes it so much more desirable for web browsing.

    And now, with MobileMe, you can have Email, Calendar and Contacts in synch with your iPhone and on the web with a normal lap top anywhere.

    Can’t do that with a Blackberry.

  16. Hmm, it looks great but the screen seems to small! Wonder when it will get to the UK so I can get my hands on it…

  17. at&t blows you moron
    verizon is where it’s at

  18. How come it comes out on AT&T 2 months b4 verizon, sprint, and t-mobile???
    Please someone find out release date

  19. it all about the iphone….the bold will be too expensive and the iphone has 8 to 16 times more memory…I have money invested in both company and I think both phones are great but still the iphone 3G will be much better and at a better price.

    The iphone is what people likes…..its like trying to have an MP3 player other than an ipod, its not the same…you kid will want to have the ipod instead… I can see the iphone becoming another ipod big time seller…….but this might harm AAPL since they will become a monopoly in the music and movie sales overtime with itunes….

  20. @George: uh, sure I can… everything I have on my Blackberry is in sync with my Exchange server, which I access with a regular laptop through OWA.

    Apple is viewed by corporates as a toy, a consumer product. Blackberry is a “trusted name.” (Yes, I hate this concept, but this is how the corporate world works.)

    My only gripes with my current BlackBerry Curve are the seemingly slow performance, lack of 3G and poor browser. It does everything else just fine, including music player.

  21. Well today i broke my blackberry curve and i broke it 😦 but hey w/e now i got a excuse for the bold 🙂 and it HAS 3G THIS TIME yeah baby!

  22. I have both an iPhone and a BB curve. The only thing going for the iPhone is the browser, but you can’t save any images from the browser. That sucks. If you are a child get an iPhone, if you are over the age of thirty get a BB. Apple products are for children.

  23. I wouldn’t say that apple products are for children. Their computer devices and OS are much better than microsoft’s – but I love blackberry – really like this phone.

    As a fan of apple for my desktop (24″ iMac) and powerbook (4 years old and still great) and my wife’s ibook – i have never ever considered getting an iphone. it’s obviously mostly hype. i’ve mainly had the nokia smartphones so far and their features have been better than the iphone on the whole – my last 2 nokias have had wifi and 3g for a start… the iphone 3 is a marketing idea that’s dated about 3 years too late – whats that about?

    For the blackberry bold the only thing that I don’t like about it is that it is somewhat copying the desing of the iphone… I wish that there was a version that looked more like the curve.

    If I get one I’l probably buy a black case that will hide the gray/silver edge…

  24. Whats up yo. My friend got me ADDICTED to blackberry’s. He got addicted after he heard about the whole Naomi Cambel throwing hers. He looked them up and the rest is history…lol. Then something very ironic happened. The day he fell in love with these beautiful phones we saw this episode of Kathy Griffin: My life on the D list where she got all her staff Blackberry’s and he got so pissed cause he wanted one like right away lol. But ya we aint all rich and dont have the money to get iPhones and then chuck them when a new blackberry comes out. So me and my friend have already gotten the no from both our parent’s about buying them for us, so we have to earn the money ourselves. My dad doesn’t think I can do it and it really isn’t helping when he’s laying on our couch telling me that the phone I want is a “Crap-berry”…lol So ya the blackberry rox!!

    iPhones suck!!!!!!!!! :p

  25. I believe when that I speak for all enraged iphone users when I say that the iphone is a seriously over-hyped let down. I just sold all 4 of the iphone 3G devices I had before my store even opened, yet even after playing with the phone for the remainder of the day, I’m still very let down in general. Yes, there have been vast improvements over the previous models, however, that doesn’t nessessarly make it better. Yes, you can now multi-task, yes, it has 3G and wifi, but what else is there to be excited about?? I just don’t get it! Personally, I can’t wait for the Bold to be released, and I’m even more excited about the thought of getting a Pearl-sized Bold. That to me would be the ultimate phone.

    But obviously, that’s just me..

  26. I’m a huge Apple fan having both personal desktops/laptops, but have to stay with blackberry.
    No picture messaging, No Video, No audio bluetooth, no copy/paste and I have to send it back when the battery dies.

    I upgraded my itouch to 2.0 it’s just as good only without paying a monthly service fee.

    Currently my BB serves all my needs. I can remote to my home pc if needed, listen to sirus radio, edit word/excel files. I’m sure one day apple will have these options with jailbreaking or 3rd party apps, I’m waiting to see what the blackberry touchscreen thunder will offer.

  27. Blackberry addict, maybe you should go to school and get educated before you post, you sound like an idiot.

  28. what it sounds like is ifone is for kids, windows mobile (which happens to be my device (HTC TyTN)) is for people who like stress and BB is for people who like to get things done quickly and efficiently. I’m due for an upgrade in august so I’m a lucky one…yay

  29. By all means RIM, PLEASE take your time to ensure that we get the best product possible. I don’t mind waiting at all to get an excellent and more than functional product in the end. I currently have an iPhone and I have tried to remain oblivious to its defects for a while until now. I had a Blackberry Curve before and it was wonderful. Apple clearly rushed its recent release of the iPhone and 2.0 update, so much that my phone is completely useless now with all of its glitches. Can’t wait for the Blackberry Bold to come out!!!


  31. AMD, I know that’s you.

  32. I can’t wait for the Bold.
    But I’ve never had a blackberry before.

    In your opinion, which is better if your NOT using it for business purposes?
    The Blackberry Pearl or Curve? (Exclude the Bold). Let me know!

  33. hey john,
    the one thing u want to know about blackberry is that all the blackberrys that are out right now are not three g compatible except for the bold.
    i have a curve with att that i got three months ago and they switched networks on me and are not willing to work with me at all on this.
    make sure you pick one that is three g cause u never know if they might do the same to you.
    heads up

  34. The BB Bold will be out on August 11 up here in canada. Just thought you guys would like to know that..PEACE

  35. @ John…the Curve. I’ve had both, and trying to get used to the texting/typing on the Pearl was difficult. SO MUCH easier now that I’ve switched. Be warned, they don’t call ’em CrackBerries for nothing!

  36. i get to play around with phones all day (guess where i work 🙂 ) but our dm has not said anything about when the bold will hit or how much it will for sure be. i for one was thinking of the lg vu, curve or blackjack 2. that was until i heard of the bold and thunder….now, which one to wait for lol!

  37. ^^ The curve is better than the pearl no matter what you’re using it for. unless you’re worried about size.. I’ve used both b4 but never owned one.

    Anyway, I can’t wait until this is released! I’m on At&T and I just wish some1 would update me. This will be my first crackberry too! I guess it will be released within the next month but I just don’t understand y we can’t have a tentative date. It’s already august… Also someone give updates on prices. It says $300 above. Is that with 2 yr upgrade?

  38. I’m like the guy 3 floors up. What is the release date. And to John, I’ve been told by Blackberry owners that the curve is much better and more fun.

  39. i spoke to representative at a store whom I’ve known for sometime now, and i asked her if by any chance she knew the release date of the BOLD, and she said it will be released Sept 1, lets hope shes right!

  40. I am so pumped you all have no idea. BUT will there be brickbreaker? I mean what is a life without it? my high score is 28140 what is yours? WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE FOR THE BOLD? i am planning a BOLD party when it comes out… cant wait!

  41. Does anyone know if the BOLD will be world (like the 8830) or only US (like the curve). Will it have a camera like the curve (or not, like the 8830)?

  42. I’m a stupid Palm Treo 680 owner and I hate it!! I’m super psyched that the Bold is coming out soon! I heard it’s coming out August 15th! I hope!!! Wish they would give us an exact date…

  43. And I just had to get a BB Curve in June. Awesome. I would have waited it out if I knew when the hell the BB 9000 would come out. God damn it.

  44. I hate to be the one to drop this, but Blackberry is delaying the bold until December. AT&T will be replacing many of its phones in the current line-up just in time for the holidays. The bold will be the featured device and competition of the iPhone 3G this holiday season. So let the hype begin…

  45. i have been a blackberry customer for about five or six years now. my wife and kids have iphones. if they delay this any longer i will have an iphone too. the only feature i think i use that the iphone does not have is the ability to invite people to an appointment. i cannot see any other compelling reason to carry a blackberry over the iphone.

  46. I just bought my wife the iphone 3g. She loves it. I love it except for one thing and it is a show stopper for me. I just cant get the hang of the on-screen keyboard. I currently have a BB Curve and do a lot of very fast email typing. I have spent a lot of time on hes and still cannot type a complete email without making a typing error. With the BB I can do it with my eyes closed. I guess that is the difference between hard keys and screen keys. It is still a great phone though, but I think I need to stick with the BB.

  47. Fuck the late ass Bold!

  48. Can’t wait until it actually comes out. They should stop playing around with the release date, price and carriers. I herd its only comeing out for Tmobile and At&T customers? If anyone know’s the answer please let me know! And why is it more for Tmobile customers? That’s wack

  49. the release date is september 17

  50. i just talk to a att girl and she said that its coming out on oct 2.of this year

  51. Jake where did you hear September 17th? Somehow I do not see it coming out tomorrow and the lack of any news from Blackberry makes me wonder when it will be coming out. I like the looks but what I would like to see if a phone with touch screen for applications but a full keyboard for typing! That would be nice for me.

  52. I spoke to an AT&T rep today when I was thinking about switching to them from TMO and she told me they got a memo that it’s possibly coming out on the 21st… either way, it will be available to order from stores on the 24th. Keep your fingers crossed!

  53. I gave up on the Bold long ago. I’m not buying a Bold and I’m leaving AT&T ASAP.

  54. Here is a very interesting article, maybe this is the REAL reason AT@T keeps delaying the Blackberry Bold, sounds more viable than overheating issues and battery life, especially when the “Boy Genius Report” ( reported the new AT@T firmware fixed these issues!!!

    Check it out:

  55. That does sound a lot better than bad battery life etc. Looks like the 3G is a hog. Meh, you know Apple, always gotta have it all.

  56. hi! so,did u guys get the bold already?
    hmm,im in indonesia right now and the bold is already on the market for about a month now..
    however,it cost higher compared to the price in us or canada..
    im actually ordering one right now! *super excited*

  57. @sugurasamint

    in the United States we have not gotten it for a carrier yet. AT&T is supposed to have it on october 2, but it is available unlocked for about $900.

  58. hi.. i just got it on the 26th spt.. i checked my e-mail and its arrived already.. well it cost me around $800 for the unlocked one!

  59. I heard its coming out in october. I need it badly because my phone is going to DIE! I decided to get the Bold rather than the nokia E71. Does the Bold let you create your own ringtones???

  60. I asked my AT&T store today when the Bold would be available in the store, and they said it wouldn’t be until October 22nd. Grrrr.

  61. Well its October 2nd and no mention of the AT&T Blackberry Bold on the AT&T Website or RIM website.

  62. I want this phone so bad, but I HAVE to get a new phone soon and I can’t keep waiting on this phone to come out. It’s Oct 2nd and it still isn’t here. What’s going on? Did they push it back again? AT&T is my carrier, by the way.

  63. The Blackberry will never come out in the US….
    its only for other countries.

  64. Any recent news about launch date in Europe?

  65. WTF? It’s available in US you jacktard… I’ve seen a prototype that was given to some of the JP Morgan engineers in Dallas.

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  72. I got my blackberry bold a week ago and the only thing is i cannot do my banking on this phone like i had the ability on my other RIM 8310. But i love this phone!! Banking app is not available yet. I love this Blackberry and the other one I had…absolutely wonderful. Although the rest of my family has iphones i just can’t use to them…not for me.

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