How To: Backup Ubuntu using Grsync

In Ubuntu on May 12, 2008 at 11:01 pm

OK, this is the scoop on how to backup Ubuntu. It’s very easy to do. Here are the steps (Pictures will follow):

NOTE: You may have to log in as ‘root’ if you don’t have permissions to external drives.

1. Download and install ‘Grsync’ from your package manager.

2. Put all the files you want to back-up into your home folder.

3. Plug in and mount your external drive you want to put your backup on.

4. Open Grsync and click the “Add” button under the “Sessions” section.

5. Type in the name of your backup into the prompt window.

6. Click “Browse” under the  first section of the “Source and Destination” section.

7. Find your home folder and select it.

8. Click “Browse” under the second section of the “Source and Destination” section.

9. Find your external drive and create a folder named “Backup”.

10. Select the new “Backup” folder.

11. Select “Simulation” at the bottom of the window, wait for it to work and make sure the backup will work.

12. If it works then click “Execute”, if it dose not work then review the steps and redo the simulation.

13, It may take a while to sync, but when it’s done then you have created a successful Ubuntu backup!

  1. thanks for the tip – was wondering about that and am downloading grsync now! 🙂

  2. I would really love an explanation of the options that are listed in the program ( Preserve settings, and the rest)


  3. Hey Mike,

    I stumbled across grsync today while reading this page…

    I’ve been successful syncing some ~/ directories to a USB thumb drive. I have yet to try the ssh options.


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