Finally got Ubuntu onto my external HDD, bombed it…again

In Ubuntu on May 9, 2008 at 4:24 pm

OK, this is a sad story. I figured out how to put Ubuntu onto my external HDD, what I did is leave my internal HDD in while booting from the CD, connecting my external, mounting it, and begin the installation process. When it gets to the part where it will create the partition, I removed my internal HDD, and told it to partition my external HDD. It finishes, and I use it, it worked. I test my internal HDD, it still works. I mount my external HDD, it finds it, I unmount. I try booting from my external HDD…doesn’t work. I think what happened was that when I mounted my external HDD it “forgot” that it was a HDD and started “thinking” it was a flash drive, don’t ask me how that happened, I still don’t completely understand it. While booting from the external HDD it started wanting to “mount itself”, I know to those of you with dirty minds that sounds kinda wrong, so it got stuck, the boot failed, and I had to boot from my internal HDD. I will try…again…tonight. If it doesn’t work I’ll just format it to ext3 and just use it for extra storage. I really want this to work, though. If it would then I could just have an internal HDD with Windows on it, and then just plug in the Ubuntu drive when I wanted to use it, and that would be really helpful. Oh well, trial and error is how everything we use today was made, but sometimes I just don’t have the patience for it…and now I am sad.

Your fellow web surfer,

The Addicted

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